“A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”― Friedrich Nietzsche


“A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”― Friedrich Nietzsche

Obesity, Christianity, and Relationships – Part 2

CLICK HERE TO READ PART ONE WARNING Again, this series is written for Christians only. Why? Christianity teaches that morality isn’t socially constructed or culturally relative. Instead, moral law is etched into the foundations of reality, imprinted onto our conscience, and spoken to us in words by God, so there can be no mistake. Christians + More

Obesity, Christianity, and Relationships – Part 1

WARNING This post is written for Christians. It appeals to absolute, objective moral standards that we are accountable to. If you’re not Christian, this post isn’t written for you. The bad news is that someday you’ll be held to those standards, too. The Good News is that you can freely choose be part of them. + More

Five Poems You Can Memorize In Under An Hour

A poem can be memorized unlike any other art form. You can memorize a song… but can you sing? You can memorize a painting… but can you recall every tiny detail? You can memorize a dance… but can it be expressed the same without a stage? Meanwhile, a poem can be expressed with nothing else + More


The root of the English word “decision” is the Latin word “caedere” or “to cut.” When we make a decision, we’re not simply choosing between two options. We’re cutting away one set of possibilities for another. When we decide, we say, “I hereby sacrifice this path and all its potentialities in order to bring into + More

The Father and the Son

Contrary to what your mother says, you weren’t born perfect. You were born with flaws, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.  As you grew up, you developed mistaken ideas, hurt people (including yourself), and made bad choices, sometimes for bad reasons. While you can’t be blamed for not knowing what you didn’t know and making honest blunders, sometimes + More

The Serpent and the Dragon

The serpent and the dragon are two of the most powerful symbols in Western literature. They’re also potent symbols in our subconscious for both good and ill, depending on our choices. Naturally everyone reading this will know the Biblical story of The Fall from the book of Genesis. The “subtile” serpent successfully tempts Eve to + More

When It All Goes Wrong

Wednesday night, I drove myself for 30 minutes to a hospital in rural Taumarunui, New Zealand, where I collapsed on the emergency room floor in the most intense pain I’ve ever felt, in my stomach. My nearest friend, Bobbie-Jo, was 5 hours away by car, in Auckland. My nearest family member was at least 16 + More

Spirituality Is Not A Lifestyle

This quote is the greatest gift Wikipedia ever gave me. Countless authors have long since erased it: “Spirituality is a process of personal transformation, either in accordance with traditional religious ideals, or, increasingly, oriented on subjective experience and psychological growth independently of any specific religious context.” Many “spiritual” individuals often make a mistake. They spread + More