The root of the English word “decision” is the Latin word “caedere” or “to cut.”

When we make a decision, we’re not simply choosing between two options. We’re cutting away one set of possibilities for another.

When we decide, we say, “I hereby sacrifice this path and all its potentialities in order to bring into manifestation the one I choose.”

If you struggle to be decisive, maybe this is why. Maybe you know on a subconscious level that choosing This instead of That eliminates, perhaps forever, everyone and everything that could be down that other road.

All the experiences you could have evaporate, in favor of the ones you will.

Then those experiences become your responsibility, because your choice has called them into existence.

This is why a choice — free will — is a HEAVY burden, and why many men fail in different ways to participate in life by not using it. It’s easier to be carried down the river of life never making a conscious choice, never sacrificing one thing for another. 

Because if we don’t make a decision, can we be held accountable for the consequences? Can’t we simply appeal to “circumstance”, if only with other men?

Perhaps, with some of them. Others will know, and most of them will remain silent.

Meanwhile, as men aspiring towards the light we recognize that no man ever earned glory by shirking responsibility or avoiding sacrifice.

Yes, the sword of choice is sharp. Indeed, the burden of free will is heavy. AND IT SHOULD BE, because it a gift from God Himself.

It’s what makes us human, and also divine.

And the best men who have ever walked among us grew fast and skillful in the use of the sharpest blade that any of us will ever carry, one that cuts space and time itself!

The sword of choice.

Raise your sword. Make the sacrifice. Cut.


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