LASERHODL – Reset and The Renaissance

E55 | 4h48m

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Guests: Laserhodl

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LaserHodl is a husband, former software engineer, fantastically deep and broad thinker, Bitcoin citizen, and sovereign hopeful.


Many in the past couple years have attempted to explain what’s going on in our world, but when I heard LaserHodl a couple of months ago I said, I think this man has got it.

His thesis is that what we’re experiencing has to do with money, how it’s created, why that system is failing, and what might happen next.

And buried within that picture is the answer for what we, as men, can do about it. The answer is Bitcoin.


In our conversation, we discussed just one thing: Why Bitcoin is immediately, urgently relevant to you, as a man.


That subject is so broad and far-reaching, it took us almost 5 hours to cover it in total. And in that, I encourage you to listen carefully to our discussion.


It’s vitally important that we all get this as men. Because if we succeed in transforming money, there’s nothing we can’t do.


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