The world says masculinity is “toxic.” Everything the world says is backwards. That means…

Masculinity is Medicine.



Are you ready to renew yourself?

One-On-One Mentorship for Your UNIQUE IMAGE


My Guarantee To You:

In this program, we will permanently change the course of your life as a man…

Or I will work with you until we do.

(conditions applied)

It’s hard to miss the conversation today:

"Man up! Toxic masculinity!
Where have all the good men gone?"

It doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum, what it means to be a man is on everybody’s mind.

Probably including yours.

The tragedy is, many boys grow up today with absent, angry, or checked-out fathers. 

So they never get a crucial question answered for them:

“Dad, what does it mean to be a man?”

With respect to single mothers, who support a family while parenting…



A mother can change an embryo to a boy, 

but only a father can change the boy into a man.



So if you’re a fatherless or under-fathered boy, you might be in your 20’s, 30’s, or even 40’s and beyond and still be wondering:



“What does it mean to be a man?”



If that’s the case. I understand.


To prove to you I understand, I want to show you something.


This is me today

11 Years Ago

And this is me in 2012

Incredible, right? Like a different person?


What if I told you that a transformation like that is possible for you?

And what if that new you is closer than you think?

In fact, he’s already inside you.

Curious? Read on…


You’ve probably heard at least one of these names:

Joe Rogan

Andrew Tate

Jocko Willink

Jordan Peterson

Successful. Accomplished. Powerful. Each a man in his own right.

But are they YOU?

Are you a battle-hardened Navy SEAL?
Skilled MMA fighter?
Kickboxing playboy?
Galaxy brain professor genius?




Because ask yourself these questions:


Do you want their lives… or your own?


Do you want their dreams… or yours?


Must every man be made… into the image of another one?



Are all of us, as men, longing to be made into OURSELVES?

Here, I’ll make this real:

If we asked our dads, “Dad, what does it mean to be a man?” … what would he say?


Would he say,

“You should look like that guy over there. He’s a man.”


Or would he say,

“You’ll find out, son…

By becoming the man God made you to be.


My Renaissance Mentorship Program is designed to help you become that man, the man you want to be.

The man God made you to be.


My aim is NOT to remake men in my own image.


In other words…


I’m not trying to turn you into me.

My Mentorship helps you understand YOU.

Then I guide, support, challenge, encourage, and celebrate you in becoming the highest most God-glorifying version of yourself.

In all the following ways (and more), my Renaissance Mentorship can help guide and shape your life into the vision you see for yourself.

Not any other man in the world.

Because the principles of masculinity are timeless. 

Together we’ll make them real in your life.

Christ-Centered Guidance

Christ is "the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End" (Rev 22:13), including of my Mentorship. My work is intended to guide you into a closer relationship with the Lord and His design for your life. Together, we make changes that serve God's glory first and foremost.

One Extended Kickoff Call

This is when we discover the key events, people, beliefs, habits, mistakes and victories that led you to become the man you are, today.

Weekly Zoom Conversations

These are where we check in, dig in, and get down to the gritty details where real transformation happens.

24/6 Access To Me

Voice note access is a key part of every mentorship package. Meaning we can keep in touch daily to keep you on track, deal with setbacks, emergent situations, questions, and crises.

My Men’s Life Map

A Renaissance of Men EXCLUSIVE that helps you understand where you’re at in life, where men go wrong, and where all men are trying to be.

Emphasis on both HABITS and BELIEFS

We need to change more than just our behaviors, but our thoughts about ourselves, as well. By working on your outer AND inner life, we attack change from two complimentary angles.

Proven Techniques and Strategies

Moving your life forward doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. I use my expertise from 20 years of inner self work to help you make rapid progress.

Recommendations for Specialists

Physical fitness is a vital part of being a man but I'm not a trainer. Many men today are also addicted to pornography, and there are men who specialize in healing that, as well. With my network of trusted experts, we can get your unique challenges handled right.

Not “Coaching” But MENTORSHIP

I put all these pieces AND MORE together to help create a transformation in your life. No matter where you’re at—young or old, single or married, childless or with a family—my Renaissance Mentorship can work for you.

I had a Deep Listening Session with Will. 100% Recommended. I wanted an outside opinion on some issues and Will made it easy to open up trust his feedback. We went deep with some visualization techniques that were new to me and it was intense in a good way. We did a lot in a short time and I'm looking forward to my next session.

Jon D.


PLUS… It includes my personal guarantee.


In three months, we will permanently change the course of your life as a man…


Or I will work with you until we do.

To be eligible for this guarantee, you must:

Then I guide, support, challenge, encourage, and celebrate you in becoming the highest version of yourself.


Here’s how I do that:


Attend every video call


Commit to regular check-ins


Answer all questions honestly


Do every homework assignment


Build fitness & spiritual practices

If you make these 5 commitments… And after the program the course of your life as a man has not significantly changed…

I will work with you free of charge until we make that change.

Because I want you to win.
I want you to have the life YOU want.

I want you to live, abundantly.
Now let’s break down how it all works.


Every man must be able to answer the following questions:

Where are you?
Where are you headed?
How fast are you heading there?

These three questions are about a man’s PositionTrajectory, and Momentum.


By understanding these three aspects of your life, we can make significant changes in a short time.


Therefore, every Men’s Mentorship is broken into three separate “phases”:

Phase 1:


Phase 2:


Phase 3:


Phase 1


In Phase 1, we work on understanding where you are in life, and where you’re headed. Then through the installation of simple behavioral and mental shifts… we turn the wheel.



It doesn’t happen overnight, though. My mentorship isn’t “Follow my three-step bedtime routine and change your life!” It involves focused effort to examine your life today, and exert pressure on powerful leverage points, which we discover together.

In Phase 2, we feed energy into your new direction.


Think of it like turning the wheel, putting your foot on the gas, and shifting into second gear.


Or even third. This is often the moment when the steering wheel starts to wobble, trying to take you back to a previous, more familiar trajectory.


In other words, this is where self-limiting beliefs come up, which we examine to keep you on track. (More on this subject below.) I promise you, once you begin acquiring momentum towards your new life, you’ll want more.


There’s no feeling like it. But…

I DON’T GIVE YOU THAT FEELING. That comes all from you.

Phase 2


Phase 3


In Phase 3, we step on the gas.



With several win behind you, and the taste of victory on your lips, we gun it for the finish line. The objective: you finish the mentorship in a very different place than where you began.


So that when you stand at Point B, you look back on Point A and wonder,


“How did I do that???”


That is the magic of faith.
That is the magic of discipline.
That is the magic of the mentorship.

That is how men transform their lives.





And that is what it means to have a personal Renaissance.


I have a bone to pick with many “men’s coaches” and content creators.

And it relates to some of my favorite films:


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


You ever notice how many different types of men are in those movies?


• Tall and Short
• Young and Old
• Stocky and Thin
• Wizards and Warriors
• Horsemen and Hobbits


But you know what ISN’T in those movies?


EVEN ONE INSTANCE of one type of man looking at another type of man and saying:


“I don’t think you’re man enough.”


How ridiculous would that be??

Look at this photo from “The Fellowship of the Ring”

You know what you DON’T see in this photo?


Any of these men looking at another and wondering if he’s a “real man.”


No one thinks Gimli’s less of a man because he’s short.


No one thinks Gandalf is less of a man because he’s old.


Aragorn and Boromir aren’t arguing about who’s more “alpha.”


The Hobbits aren’t skilled warriors. Plus they’re half the size of everyone else!


Because JRR Tolkien knew something that men today have lost sight of:

There’s more than one way to be a man.

Yeah I said it.

You don’t have to have a beard and a baseball cap to be a man. 


You don’t have to drive a flashy car or fly in a private jet.


You don’t have to “roll jiu-jitsu” or enjoy cigars. You don’t have to stand 6-feet-tall.

And if you do all of those things, that’s fine, BUT…


Just because a man doesn’t do any of them, doesn’t make him less of a man.

Now here’s another “men’s movement” trick:

Every content creator who’s trying to shape you into a mini version of himself is selling you on an ideal… one that even HE doesn’t embody.

Because who is he when he turns off the camera?


You’ll never know.


So if you imitate him, you’re trying to become a phantom.


But what if there’s a better way:

What if rather than trying to become another man, you become YOU.

With all your gifts, skills, strengths, and weaknesses cultivated to their full uniqueness.

How would that be? Pretty great, I bet. Because it means you don’t have to be Aragorn if you don’t want to be him.


You don’t have to force yourself into an awkward “alpha” posture.


It is sufficient to be yourself… and do that excellently.


We don’t have to all be the same kind of man in order to win at life.


Wouldn’t have God made us identical if that were the case?


But don’t take my word for it, or even Tolkien’s.

The pre-Christian Roman philosopher Cicero had something to say about this in his treatise “On Duties”:

After considering these things, it will be right to judge them in this way: every man ought to deal with the traits he has, and not want to experience those that are more suitable to others.


What is most intimately a man’s own, is what is most suitable for him. Everyone, therefore, should get to know his own character, and become a pointed critic of his own virtues and deficiencies…


We will be most suitable for those things which we are best able to do. But if necessity forces us into something that is not suitable to our nature, all care, thoughtfulness and diligence should be employed, so that we can carry it out, if not with distinction, then with at least as little damage as possible.


We do not need to struggle so hard to follow those ideal qualities that have not been given to us; rather we should struggle to avoid vice.

And there it is. You get to be YOU.

Now let’s get started on it, together.

Mentorship Options

Kickoff Call Length

Weekly Call Length

Total Calls

Voice Notes Per Day

Voice Note Length

Council Membership




WEEKEND MEETUP: I fly to meet you in your hometown, and we spend the weekend together as I facilitate some of my most in-depth processes to kick start the mentorship.


This is part of my Mentorship I’m incredibly proud of:

My Men’s Life Map.

This isn’t the full Map itself. 

Just the disassembled pieces of it. They are:

The Four Pillars of Health

The Three Spheres of Life

Together, these lines and circles can not only help you understand who you are as a man, and where you’re at in life, but where you’re going…And how to get there…

Not only that, with just these seven pieces

I can show you SO much more:

Family Beauty Legacy Growth Success Purpose Strength Children
Family Beauty Legacy Growth Success Purpose Strength Children
Children Marriage Romance Weakness Friendship Sex Faith Honor
Children Marriage Romance Weakness Friendship Sex Faith Honor

I bet you don’t believe me.


That’s OK. I wouldn’t either.


But inside the Renaissance Mentorship, I will show you the full map and how you can use it to fulfill your dreams and live the life you want.


Because our lives as men are far more simple, beautiful, and elegant than we’ve been told.

Will is a deep observer of the human spirit. His insights what I struggle with have proved invaluable and are delivered in the way that is both difgestable in the inner and physical world with real results. He operates from a mindset of optimism and abundance honed through a life of active experience and a humbling honor for that which is greater that himslef. I'm both more of myself and a man because of the hard work we have accomplished together thus far.

Jeremy M.


Pastor Doug Wilson describes Masculinity as, “The glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility.” We never actually “arrive” at Masculinity, it’s an ongoing process for life. Therefore, every man needs a mentor, because we can always be better.


A Mentor helps you see the best version of yourself—the man you want to be—and assists you in becoming him, at all stages of life.


A Mentor also keeps you on track and accountable for your stated goals. He reminds you of that best version of yourself when life gets chaotic.


Last but not least, a Mentor celebrates with you when you succeed.


Then he works with you to prepare for your next victory, and the next.


Every step of the way, a Mentor is the man you lean on and look to, to help bring your evolving dreams into reality.

Most coaches work with clients’ outer lives: goals, deliverables, and plans.

Therapists and counselors work with clients’ inner lives: beliefs, histories, and emotional struggles.


My Renaissance Mentorship blends these practices, along with Scripture and prayer.


By helping my clients to acknowledge the “stuff” of their inner lives, their outer goals become less daunting.


By facilitating my clients’ progress towards their outer goals, the struggles of their inner lives lose power over them.


By pairing both of these with the teachings of Christ, we make progress in righteousness and right living.


These processes aren’t separate. They work hand-in-hand to create your own personal Renaissance.


This can be a demanding process, but the Renaissance of Men demands the best of the men who join.


Because we’re the men who’ll create a better world, taking dominion for God’s Kingdom.

As with all things, you’ll get out what you put in.


Your commitment to your growth and transformation will determine the magnitude of your success.


But even if you do no work at all, you’ll receive a framework that will transform how you see yourself and your life.


You’ll see the world more clearly and understand your place in it.


That alone can be enough to create a meaningful shift.

Fear of opening up to others is one of the best reasons to sign up for Renaissance Mentorship.


Fear of opening up holds us back from meaningful connections with loved ones, from speaking up at work, and from discovering our creativity.


If you’re afraid to open up, it probably means you have a lot to share.


If that’s the case, then I guarantee that there are people in your life that need to hear it: family, friends, loved ones.


A Mentor can help you surface that inner world.


That will enable you to lead a more fulfilling life and be a more fulfilled participant in all of your relationships, as well.

Renaissance Mentorship isn’t expensive when you consider potential benefits:


– a fitter body

– financial security

– a clear mind and heart

– more fulfilling relationships

a deeper faith and prayer life

– peace with your personal history

– success in your creative and business pursuits

– the accomplishment of what you put your mind to.


How much would you pay to have just one of these? Probably more than the cost of Renaissance Mentorship.


I determine my pricing with three factors:



I want nothing more than for you to succeed. It’s my life’s mission to help build biblically-masculine men. The world needs us. Period.



I explored religious and spiritual traditions around the world before coming to Christ. I know what works and what doesn’t. I won’t waste your time with New Age woo-woo. We’ll get straight to God’s design and desires for you, and go from there.



Mine is a superior approach, and I believe that fully. See my full-length video testimonials above for more.


And a man who is prepared to make this financial commitment is a man who is prepared to do great things.



Everything you share will be kept in strict professional confidence.


I do not record sessions, and I conduct them in a private setting.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Stanford University.


Communication is what I love to do.


I’ve also been on my own 20-year journey of transformation, from dark and difficult places in my life—grief, shame, weight problems—into a fulfilled man who took control of his life and made it into an expression of his identity.


I’ve also visited more than 30 countries around the world. This has taught me how to work with individuals from many different backgrounds.


Finally, after 20 years of spiritual exploration, I came to Christ and have devoted my life wholly to Him and His Kingdom.


The thing I like LEAST about the men’s movement, is that the tools that work for one man are not the tools that work for another.

YES, some men need more discipline.


YES, some men desperately need to earn their self-respect.


But the sad fact is, some men genuinely hate themselves.


They don’t announce it. They don’t walk around saying it.

But inside, they silently wish they were dead.


Self-discipline can’t fix this problem… but it can help.



Self-respect can’t fix this problem… but it also can help. A lot.

Ultimately, for a man to thrive, he has to learn to love himself.

Or, more accurately, he has to unlearn habits of self-hatred he’s acquired after a lifetime of abandonment by parents, relatives, friends, women, relationships, and more.

If this is you, I understand.


Together, in my Renaissance Mentorship program, we’ll help you generate the self-disciplined behaviors to earn your self-respect…


And let you see that you are a man worthy of being loved by the most important man in your life:


Masculinity and Christianity

For centuries it’s seemed like Masculinity and Christianity have been at odds. But are they? I invite you to consider the words of this Psalm, one of the most famous of the Protestant Reformation. 


Blessed be the Lord my Rock,
Who trains my hands for war,
And my fingers for battle—
My lovingkindness and my fortress,
My high tower and my deliverer,
My shield and the One in whom I take refuge,
Who subdues my people under me. 

  • Psalm 144 (NKJV)


You’ve probably sung this Psalm many times. But have you listened?


“Blessed be the Lord my ROCK who trains my hands for WAR, and my fingers for BATTLE. My lovingkindness and my FORTRESS, my HIGH TOWER and my deliverer, my SHIELD and the One in whom I take refuge, who SUBDUES my people under me.”


Language like this wouldn’t be out of place in movies like Braveheart or Lord of the Rings, video games like The Legend of Zelda, or TV shows like The Witcher.


This is the language of combat, conquest, and dominion.


It’s not just God who’s fighting, either. He “trains MY hands for war, and MY fingers for battle.” God teaches US how to fight.


And when David wrote this Psalm, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about being a keyboard warrior with only hands and fingers. 


I hope this single, powerful Psalm alone demonstrates that there is no conflict between Christianity and Masculinity.


Let me say that again: There is no conflict between Christianity and Masculinity.


Any perceived conflict is due to generations of unchecked feminization in the church, feminization that wasn’t there in the beginning:


“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” — 1 Corinthians 16:13


Paul knew how Christian men, followers of The Way (Acts 9, 19, 22, 24), were meant to be.


And in my Renaissance Mentorship, you can too.

Will Spencer Reading



Are you ready to renew yourself?


Hey, thanks for reading this far. Before you go, I’d like to share something with you.


I wanted to let you know, you matter. 




Few men today grow up hearing that their desires and goals are valued. Our fathers don’t bless us in that way. And when we don’t hear that our desires matter, we grow up thinking that our lives don’t matter either.


That’s a lie. You and your life matter a great deal.


No matter who you are, God made you in His image (Gen1:27), and formed you in your mother’s womb (Ps139:13). Even if you weren’t important to your father, you are important to God.


And if the men who work with me learn just one thing, it’s that they matter. 


So even if you and I never talk, I want you to know how true that is.

You matter. Don’t ever forget it.

God bless,