The Campfire is where my philosophies on masculinity become real in your life, guiding you to find Purpose, Passion, and a Place of honor in yours.

The Campfire

The Campfire is where my philosophies on masculinity become real in your life, guiding you to find Purpose, Passion, and a Place of honor in yours.

Luke had Obi-Wan. Aragorn had Legolas and Gimli. Even Michael Jordan had a coach, and teammates.

Men need each other. Every “lone wolf” needs a hunting partner. Or a pack.

The Campfire

Asking for help doesn’t make men weak. Pretending we don’t need it does. For thousands of years men helped each other grow around a campfire: elders instructed the young men, who tested each other to make their knowledge real. My offerings recreate those practices.


  • The Council: my weekly conversation for a circle of men becoming the best that they can be.


  • Renaissance Coaching: my custom one-to-one process to help you triumph via a personal Renaissance.


  • Deep Listening: an opportunity to find answers by tapping into sources of inner wisdom.
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The Council

What can I expect to get out of The Council?



A weekly online circle of men dedicated to self-improvement and to bringing their best self forth in service of their brothers.


A facilitated conversation that’s kept on track, so we all go the same direction.


A confidential space to speak, share wisdom, and express what you’ve learned through your unique experience.


Invaluable insights gained from men with a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and creeds.

How many friends do you have in real life who are on a path of growth? If you’re lucky maybe one or two. But how much stronger could we be, as men, if we had a consistent circle of brothers around us, walking the same road in different ways?


Enter The Council, a curated circle of 4-8 men committed to advancing their personal development together. Once a week we meet online to talk about our lives as we’re living them: the challenges we’re facing, the changes we’re making, and even our greatest joys and triumphs.


What makes The Council different from other groups, however, is that I won’t be sharing much. Instead, I’ll serve as a leader, a guide, and the man making sure the proceedings stay on track. By doing so I create a protected space for you to relax, to receive deep wisdom, and discover your own in service of your brothers.


For more information, and to apply for The Council, email info@renofmen.com

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Renaissance Coaching

Complete form below, or email info@renofmen.com

What can I expect to get out of Renaissance Coaching?

A radically new view on yourself as a human being, your health, and your life as a man.


Expert guidance in identifying your most potent desires and how to bring them into reality.


Support in developing achievable milestones to embody your Purpose, Passion, and Place… plus accountability when you fall short.


Total commitment from an accomplished man who wants you to become the best version of yourself.

The Renaissance isn’t happening in the world, it’s happening through each of us, as men. When we bring forth our lives of Purpose, Passion, and Place, we create the Renaissance through our actions.


But we can’t do it alone. Few of us received the mentorship as boys that we needed to succeed as men in this changing society. Could even the best father have predicted 2020?


That’s where I come in. As your coach, I help you understand yourself to see what you really want. We identify what’s in your way, make a plan to overcome obstacles, and with my custom-designed tools we build unstoppable momentum.


Power is generated in the space between focused men. In a series of twelve 75-minute sessions plus daily support through Telegram, we generate that together to fuel your personal renaissance and the Renaissance of Men.


Complete the form below and get started.

Will is a deep and active observer of the human spirit. His insights into what I struggle with have proved invaluable and are delivered in way that is both digestible and usable in the inner and physical world with real results. He operates from a mindset of optimism and abundance honed through a life of active experience and a humbling honor for that which is greater than himself . I am both more of myself and a man because of the hard work we have accomplished together thus far

Jeremy M.
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Deep Listening

$160 / session

What can I expect to get out of Deep Listening?

A full 60 minutes to speak and be heard about what’s happening in your heart and life.


A thoughtful perspective from someone outside your social and family circle.


A space to simply be, with a man who understands what it means to be a man and the challenges that entails.


Zero judgment. And zero commitments.

To know what we think, sometimes we need to hear ourselves say it. Finding a place to speak that truth, however, can be difficult. Friends and family have their wants and needs for us. Strangers aren’t invested. And talking to ourselves rarely helps.


What we need as men is a confidential space to speak and be heard by a man who’s thoughtful, objective, and most of all, engaged. Ideally that man would also be able to help us tease out the deeper truths behind our words and see what we’re missing.


I create that space for you in Deep Listening. It’s your opportunity to look within to find wisdom to face your challenges. And it’s a chance to be heard and know that no matter what you’re going through, you’re not alone.


Please email info@renofmen.com to schedule a session.

I had a Deep Listening session with Will. 100% recommended. I wanted an outside opinion on some issues and Will made it easy to open up and trust his feedback. We went deep with some visualization techniques that were new to me and it was intense in a good way. We did a lot in a short time and I’m looking forward to my next session.

Jon D

I have a lot of energy and momentum in my work and my life and I'm doing what I can to avoid being on social media. This shift was brought on by a conversation I had recently with Will, so if you're struggling with direction, clarity, energy, masculinity or anything else you should absolutely seek out a conversation with him. It could change your life.

James Good, Twitter: @jamesgood_me
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Coaching Interest Form




    I wish I could take on every coaching client, but there’s only so much of me I can give. The purpose of this form is to determine your interest level and if my coaching is a good fit.


    Once you have completed the form I’ll reach out to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY  30 minute introductory session with you.